DX from East Andover Bike Trail
August 2013

This afternoon my wife and I took a quick bike ride along the old
Northern Rail route in East Andover. I worked Spain,
Paraguay, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg
in 20 minutes of operating.

A mile or so down the trail is an old picnic table under a couple of
pine trees... it's a perfect spot for some quick operating. I heaved a
line up about 40 feet and pulled up a wire. I set up the KX3 and
opened the notebook. I started on 17 meters.

There were lots of strong stations and I logged three
in a row. Then I switched to 20 meters where the
WAE contest was going on. I worked three more
and packed up to continue the ride. Here's the log.

10 Aug-13 2053  18.070  EA8/DL7VOA CW 599 599 Spain
10 Aug-13 2058  18.075  ZP6CW      CW 579 579 Paraguay  
10 Aug-13 2105  18.079  I0JX       CW 549 599 Italy
10 Aug-13 2111  14.019  SP9MZH     CW 599 599 Poland    
10 Aug-13 2114  14.010  PG2AA      CW 599 599 Netherlands   
10 Aug-13 2115  14.012  LX7I       CW 599 599 Luxembourg  

It was such a beautiful afternoon with warm sunshine filtering
through the trees as we rode along. These glorious summer
days are growing precious as August advances toward
September. May this weather last...