Bicycle Ride to Old Hill Village
September 2013

This afternoon Judy and I rode our bikes a couple of miles to Old Hill
Village. I worked Greece, Poland, Venezuela, Ukraine and Steve WG0AT
in Colorado.

It was a cool afternoon, but warm enough in the sun. I set up alongside
a field with the KX3 and a 33 foot wire. I won't detail each QSO; here's
the log:

15 Sep-13 1956  18.085 YV5YMA   CW 599 599 Venezuela
15 Sep-13 2000  18.078 SV2CQB   CW 569 599 Greece
15 Sep-13 2007  18.076 UY2UQ    CW 599 599 Ukraine
15 Sep-13 2009  14.004 SV2CQB   CW 599 599 Greece
15 Sep-13 2012  14.060 WG0AT    CW 559 559 CO
15 Sep-13 2022  14.024 SP2EFU   CW 599 599 Poland

I actually worked SV2CQB twice... once on 17M and again on 20 meters.
He was strong both times. The real surprise was working Steve WG0AT.
I had just looked up his QTH this morning to see if he was in the flood zone.
I don't think he is. He sent, "CAN'T STAY X JUST WANTED TO SAY HI."
I told him I was operating /P in the field. Judy got a quick snapshot of me
right after I worked Steve.

The clouds seemed to take over the sky at about the time I
decided to pack up and head back. As always, it's great to
get out and operate a little.