DX from Dyers Crossing
August 2013

This afternoon I rode my bike from East Andover to Dyers Crossing.
I worked Cuba, Elba Island, Moscow, Tino Island and Slovenia.

I rode about 2 miles and turned off the trail onto an old road. Crossing the
brook was a one-lane bridge. It was blocked off to traffic.

I walked out onto the bridge and heaved a 33 foot wire into a maple tree
overhanging the bridge and sat down. I operated for 15 minutes on 17 meters
and 20 meters. I used the KX3 at 5 watts. Both bands were in great shape.
Here's my log:

17 Aug-13 2042  18.077 CO8LY      CW 599 599 Cuba 
17 Aug-13 2043  18.078 IA5/IZ5NFD CW 599 599 Elba Island 
17 Aug-13 2054  14.011 UA5C       CW 599 599 Moscow
17 Aug-13 2055  14.012 IP1T       CW 579 599 Tino Isl Light 
17 Aug-13 2100  18.070 S51WO      CW 599 599 Slovenia

Tino Island Lighthouse - Italy

The afternoon was really perfect... about 75F and sunny. Ideal for a bike ride
through the fields and woods of New Hampshire. Working a little DX is
all I need to make the afternoon completely memorable.