Two Fall Adventures
October 2013

My daughter was here last week and we went on several
outings. She brought her camera, and I brought some
radio gear.

I worked Denmark, Germany, Surinam, Ecuador and France.
Here are some of the photos she took.

Judy and I hiking on the trail to Knox Mountain

On the first trip we went to Knox Mountain. It was a lovely fall day and we
had a wonderful family outing. The colors along the brook were mesmerizing.

Crossing the brook now that the bridge is gone is always a bit challenging.
We balance carefully on a narrow board.

Once at the pond the girls rested in the sunshine while I set up the radio.
Here's my log:

3 Oct-13 2015  14.010 OZ0JX  CW 559 589 Denmark 
3 Oct-13 2030  14.010 DL3AO  CW 569 599 Germany 
3 Oct-13 2037  14.012 DL2DSL CW 559 599 Germany 

A few days later we took a bike ride on the old Northern Rail route from Andover.
There's a lovely restored covered bridge across the Blackwater River.

Several miles up the trail we stopped at the old Potter Place railroad station.
It's a museum now.

Up the trail a mile or so we stopped again. I set up the KX3 and
made a few QSOs. Here's my log:

8 Oct-13 2007  14.012 PZ1DV CW 599 599 Surinam
8 Oct-13 2010  14.025 DL8PG CW 549 599 Germany 
8 Oct-13 2023  21.021 HC2AO CW 599 599 Ecuador 
8 Oct-13 2026  18.080 F5NBX CW 559 579 France