Spring Fever
April 2013

What is this strange disease that compels me to wander into the boonies on a beautiful
day?  I ventured out again... once more to the Pemigewasset River. I worked Russia,
Sein Island, Giglio Island, Macedonia, a fellow QRPer in Spain, and Tennessee.

Today it's 72F. The grass is absolutely turning green. Trees and plants are budding.
I am in a polo shirt and shorts. It's really spring.

I have ridden my bike about a mile and a half into the federal flood control area along the river. I stop
along the trail not far from the old bridge that went over to Hill Village. I heave a line over an
oak branch and set up the HB-1B on 20 meters with a half-wave wire. The band is active.

Right away I hear R5ZZ calling CQ and I answer. I must give my call twice, but the
exchange is clean. Ken gives me a 569 from an area just beyond the North Sea.

In quick succession I work TM0SI an IOTA expedition to Sein Island, and IA5A, another
IOTA station on Giglio Island. Both exchanges are quick 599s. Then I make a contact
with Macedonia, Z320G.

I dial up toward the QRP calling frequency, 14.060. There I call Bill W4LVP in
Tennessee as he finishes a QSO with another station. Bill is booming in and he gives
me a 579. We have a wonderful chat. He tells me it's 78F in TN, and he congratulates me
on the QRP station. "GREAT QRP SIGNAL and FB SETUP." As soon as we sign, I hear
EA2LU calling me. Jorge is 579 from Spain. He is running a K3 at 5 watts into a yagi.
He says I am peaking 589. I have worked Jorge several times over the years in QRP
sprints, and it's always a wonderful surprise.

I have only operated for a half an hour, but already I have worked a nice log full of
DX. I pack up the gear and walk down to the bridge abutment.

The spring in New Hampshire is so much sweeter for having endured so many months
of bone chilling cold. To be out here with the spring breeze soothing away the long
winter's freeze is remarkable... it's no wonder we refer to the miracle of spring.