September Hike to Knox Mountain
September 2013

Hanz W1JSB and I hiked to Knox Mountain this afternoon. What a day!
We worked England, Italy, Hungary and Spain... but that was
only part of it. This was the most stunning early fall day.
Perfect for a hike. We walked along the brook, dazzling in gold

                                                                                (photo: W1JSB)

Blue gentians were in full bloom below the dam.

                                                                          (photo: W1JSB)

We approached the pond. It was a breathtaking view.

We walked around the pond and came to the two small cabins
that overlook the water.

We set up between the cabins, in front, toward the lake. We threw a water bottle
over a 40 foot high branch on the large cherry tree. I used the KX3 at 5 watts.
The antenna was a 33 foot wire connected to the rig through an
9:1 unun. I started on 15 meters with a quick contact with G3PJT. Bob gave
me a 559 and he was a 599. Then I gave the key to Hanz.

We switched to 17 meters and right away Hanz worked Laci, HA0NAR in
Hungary. Laci was very strong and gave Hanz a 579. It's really exciting to
set up portable gear from a small backpack and work across Europe with
a few minutes' effort.

Hanz handed the key back and I worked IK5ZWU, Walter in Italy. I was 559
and he was a 589. "FB UR 5 WATTS," he sent before we signed.

I made one more quick QSO with Vic in Spain before packing up. EA3MM
gave me a 559 and he was a 599.

                                                                                            (photo: W1JSB)

As we walked along the brook,  the sun pierced through the woods.
It was a magical walk.  Hanz and I talked about the places we want to hike
to during the fall... the ledges, mountain pond, and, of course, a return to
Knox Mountain.