Hello World - This Is Hill Village Calling
September 2013

You'd have to be crazy to stay indoors today! I rode my
bike along the Pemigewasset River... on the other side...
in Hill Village. I worked Poland, Russia, Italy and Croatia.

Judy and I took the old road south toward Franklin. We
passed Bennett's Brook and I took a quick photo. After
riding two miles, we pulled over near a field along the
river. There's an old butternut tree alongside the lane.
I stopped here to setup the KX3.

I tossed a line over the top branch and pulled up 33 feet
of wire. I started on 17 meters and worked SP1JPQ in
Poland. Jerry gave me a 439. He was only 569 and I
decided to try 15 meters. That was much better. I called
RX6AM after he finished a QSO. Mike gave me a 569.
We've worked many times before. When I told him I was
QRP at 5W, he sent: "Hi 5W great sigs Jim."

Next I had a QSO with IZ8BRI in Italy. Egi and I quickly exchanged
599's and then I worked Croatia. 9A2AJ, Tom and I also exchanged
599s. "FB WID UR QRP," he sent when I told him I was operating
portable with 5W. With that I packed up. Judy took a quick photo
before we rode back.

Today was much cooler... in the 60s. Here and there a few leaves
have started changing color. I'm trying to make the best of the warm