Indian Summer Hike and DX
October 2013

Today was Indian Summer.  Judy and I walked over Shute Hill to
Swain's Farm. I worked Belgium, Netherlands, Morocco and England.

Indian Summer is what we call the last few days of extra-warm weather before
the cold settles in for the winter. It was a gorgeous day. It may be the last good
day with beautiful fall colors. It was 72F with a crystal blue sky.

The pathway over the hill is about 2 miles. We walked on a crunching
carpet of rich colored leaves. Judy got a quick snapshot of me as we
neared one of Swain's fields.

The view from the hay field is fantastic. We gazed out on the
Belknap Mountains. In the foreground the rich grass shimmered
in the sunlight.

I heaved a line over a maple branch nearly 50 feet above the edge of the field, and
I pulled up a 33 foot wire. I hooked up the KX3 and tuned around 10 meters. It
was active, and I quickly landed a QSO with ON7DU. Johan was a 599 and gave
me a 579 from Belgium. Then I worked the Netherlands. PA5WT was calling CQ
and I answered. Kees gave me a 449. He was a strong 599.

Then I switched to 17 meters. Med was calling CQ from Morocco. CN8YR gave me
a 339 and he was a 579. I went back to 10 meters for a final QSO with M0UNN in
England. I exchanged a quick 599 with Jay and packed up the gear.

The view from the operating position was the greatest! In the past I've worked the QRPARCI Fall
contest from here, but I couldn't make it this year. Rain is forecast for tomorrow. I sure am glad
I was able to get out today.