Hiking to Knox Mountain in Mid-May
May 2013

This afternoon I hiked to Knox Mountain. It was a beautiful spring day. I worked
Croatia, Minnesota, the UK and Spain.

It's been in the 70s for a more than a week. The trees are leafing out and the grass
is high. Today the weather changed. It was 50F and windy.  No matter, the trail
was beautiful.

I crossed the first bridge and took a couple of snapshots of the brook.

Viburnum with its white flowers decorated the trail along the brook.  The cool breeze
kept the black flies away.

The second bridge has been removed. I placed a board between some rocks to facilitate
a dry crossing a few weeks ago. I was glad it was still there.

The pond was full. It looks like the beaver have maintained their small dam at the near
end. I tossed a line over a high branch on the cherry tree next to the cabin and pulled
up a half wave wire for 15 meters. I used the ATS-4 by KD1JV with the Elecraft
T-1 tuner. Here's my log.

Date      UTC   Freq   Call       My  His  QTH      Op
13 May-13 1916  21.018 9A4KW   CW 599 599  Croatia   
13 May-13 1922  21.013 KW7D    CW 559 589  MN       Paul 
13 May-13 1934  21.005 MI0VKO  CW 449 579  UK       Dave  
13 May-13 1951  21.011 EA8TL   CW 599 599  Spain    Jorge

This is the view of the pond from my operating position. After packing up, I made a quick trip
back to the car. I was cold and ready for a cup of tea. Thank goodness spring is here.