A Little More QRP in the Field
April 2013

I didn't quite get enough yesterday, so I went out again today... this time on the Sanbornton
side of the river. I rode my bike north toward New Hampton and made another ten QSOs
including Serbia, Hungary and Portugal. It was another beautiful day in the low 70s.

The trees are just budding out, and the bugs just waking up. About half way down to the old
bridge abutment is a corner with a nice view of the river. I took a quick snapshot before
starting up the hill.

It's about a mile and a half to the old bridge abutment.  The bridge used to go to Hill Village. It
was taken out in the 1940's for a flood control project.

I set up near this spot and threw a wire over the branch of an old oak. I used a half wave wire for
20 meters with the Chinese HB-1B rig at 4 watts. Rather than outlining each QSO, I'll just include
my log. I worked 7 Florida stations in a row... they were all doing the QSO Party. Then I worked a
few eastern European stations. I only operated for 15 minutes.

Date            UTC    Freq     Call My  His  QTH       Name
28 Apr-13 1942  14.029 KH7XS/4  CW   599 599 FL  

28 Apr-13 1944  14.032 K1PT     CW   599 599 FL  
28 Apr-13 1945  14.034 N4TB     CW   599 599 FL  
28 Apr-13 1945  14.035 K4R      CW   599 599 FL  
28 Apr-13 1946  14.037 WW4B     CW   599 599 FL  
28 Apr-13 1947  14.038 K4F      CW   599 599 FL  
28 Apr-13 1947  14.051 KW7R     CW   599 599 FL  
28 Apr-13 1953  14.009 CU/I4EML CW   569 579 Portugal   Sergio 
28 Apr-13 1955  14.017 YT5EA    CW   599 599 Serbia     Miki 
28 Apr-13 1958  14.020 HA8WZ    CW   559 599 Hungary    Gyuri 

Soon the black flies will own New Hampshire and getting out to operate will be impossible. I'm
really glad to take advantage of the nice weather for some early spring radio outings.