Knox Mountain in November
November 2013

I made a quick hike to Knox Mountain this afternoon. It was a typical, bleak
November day. But I had a great time working my old friend Jorge EA2LU
from Spain. He was also running 5 watts. As I approached the pond three
wild ducks took off from the quiet water.

It was a cold misty day. Last night it had snowed a half an inch. The snow
had all melted by this afternoon. The walk was invigorating...

Because everything was wet, I set up on the cabin porch. I had tossed a 10 meter wire over a
branch and hooked up the KX3 with the internal tuner. There were a few DX stations working
split with big pileups, so I went up to 14.060 and called CQ.

EA2LU, Jorge came right back, and it was so good to hear him. We've had nearly 20 QSOs since
2008. Most of them were 2-way QRP.

Just as Jorge said his weather was ugly with rain, it started to sprinkle. I could see the rain drops on the

"UR KX3/10M wire are doing a great job," he sent. He gave me a 569 and he was a 579.

After the QSO with Jorge, I packed up and hiked the mile and a half back
to the car. It's supposed to snow again tonight.