Perfect Day on the Pemi
May 2013

I rode my bike to the Pemigewasset River today. I worked Mexico City,
New Jersey and Maryland.

I stopped about half way down to the old bridge abutment and snapped a
quick shot up-river. It's rained every day for a week and the river is about
6 feet higher than normal. Today is gorgeous... 70 degrees with a stiff
breeze to keep the bugs at bay.

I left my bike under some huge pine trees and walked down to the bridge

The old bridge used to cross to Hill Village. It was removed in the late 1940s. I stood on the edge of the
old concrete support and looked upstream.

I found a sunny spot with some nice grass and heaved a line about 40 feet up into a
maple tree. I was using a 33 foot wire straight up with the Elecraft T-1 tuner and the
ATS-4 at a bit more than 3 watts. I started out on 20 meters and worked XE1RK in
Mexico City. Ralph gave me a 569 and we completed the exchange before the QSB
got us. 20 meters was pretty poor, and I only heard a few stations there so I switched
to 40 meters.

I re-tuned the same wire on 40 meters without a counterpoise. Signals were
stronger here. Right away I heard W2WSC/100 calling CQ. This is a special
event station honoring the old Tuckerton WSC shore station in New Jersey.
We exchanged 599s and I called N3WT in Maryland as he was finishing up another
QSO. John said he had to run, but he gave me a 579. He was 599. When I told him
I was running 3 watts, he sent back," VY GUD JIM UR 3W IS TRUE 579."

With this I packed up and headed south along the river. I stopped at a favorite
spot to take one more photo.

It was great to get out for a while after being stuck indoors for so long. Today was really
well worth the wait... it doesn't get much better than this.