Working DF1LX (Peter)
from the Pemigewasset River

August 2013

Dear Peter - What a wonderful QSO with you from along the riverside! I promised I would
send  some pictures and here they are. I am also writing you a note with a full account of my
radio adventure this afternoon including our QSO. I also worked Columbia and Denmark.

The journey starts when I take the bicycle out of my VW camper on the old road that runs along
the river and goes to New Hampton. The road has a gate, so to proceed, one must use a bicycle,
a horse, or go on foot.

The road hasn't been used regularly since the 1940s. It's beautiful and passes through old farm
land. When I first came to this spot nearly 40 years ago, a farmer grazed his cattle in the nearby
fields. After cycling for a kilometer or so, I come to a corner with a perfect view of the river.

I continue another 2 km and come to an old bridge abutment. The bridge is no longer
there, but there is a small clearing under some tall trees where I like to operate.

I pull the equipment from my bag and heave a line up about 12 meters over an oak branch. Then I
pull up a 10 meter wire. It is perfectly vertical, and I sit down directly under it.

Today I am using the KX3 at five watts. The coax runs to a 9:1 unun and then to the antenna.
At first I listen on 20 meters and hear HK1R calling CQ from Columbia. We quickly exchange
599s, and I switch to 15 meters. There you are, and I call. You know the rest, but for the sake
of other readers, I will say you are 589 and you give me a 569. I tell you that I am QRP and
portable near the river. You send, "solid copy from UR QRP DR Jim." While we are chatting,
you find my web page and comment on the pictures. I promise to send you some photos from
today. We continue for more than 20 minutes. I am amazed that you can copy my tiny signal so
well! Finally the QSB arrives and you drop down to 549... Surely you can not copy much of what
I am sending at the end... You send, "So now I have got some QSB x Perhaps conditions are
changing." With that we say goodbye. What a wonderful contact half way around the world.

Before packing up, I go to 17 meters and make a quick contact with OV1CDX on Sjaelland Island
in Denmark. Frank is 599 and he gives me a 559. I am overjoyed and walk down to the old
bridge site to take a picture.

I drink in the view, being careful to avoid the poison ivy! It's everywhere here. And I walk
back to the operating position and pack everything away for the ride back.

Peter, I hope you can now imagine how much fun I have on these radio outings. What could
be better than a ride through glorious countryside... add to that a QSO with DF1LX and a
perfect afternoon is guaranteed. Thank you, my friend. 73 Jim W1PID