Macedonia and Croatia from the Winnipesaukee River
August 2013

Today my wife, Judy and I took a quick bike ride along the Winnipesaukee River. I stopped in a beautiful
spot and operated for 15 minutes. I worked Macedonia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, and Italy.

What a glorious summer afternoon. The fields and farm land engulfed us as we rode along the trail in
the warm sun. We stopped across from a small pond and walked into the woods and sat down on
some rocks right at the river's edge.

I heaved a 33 foot wire over some branches and set up the KX3 on the rocks.
I operated on both 17 meters and 20 meters. There were plenty of strong
stations on both bands. Here's my log:

Date     UTC   Freq   Call      My  His  QTH
7 Aug-13 1950  14.010 Z320G  CW 599 599 Macedonia  
7 Aug-13 1955  14.009 9A2AJ  CW 559 599 Croatia
7 Aug-13 2000  18.068 OK2AN  CW 579 599 Czech Rep 
7 Aug-13 2001  18.083 9A2YM  CW 599 599 Croatia
7 Aug-13 2005  18.072 IK2SND CW 599 599 Italy 

After making several QSOs, I packed up and got ready to head back. I've
operated from this spot perhaps a half a dozen times. I've enjoyed it
each time. I head up the hill to the bicycle and ride back.