A warm Day in Swain's Field
November 2013

Today was something extraordinary. It was 55F and sunny. Not a day to stay inside...
Judy and I hiked up the range road into Swain's field. I worked Nova Scotia, Poland,
Bulgaria, Hungary,  France and Tennessee.

The view south toward the Belknap Mountains

I tossed a line over a maple tree at the north edge of the field and set up the KX3.
Sitting in the warm sun I went to 20 meters where the Bulgarian DX Contest
was in full swing. Picking off stations was easy. I started at 14.035 and went
down. Here's the log.

16 Nov-13 1852  14.035 VE1RGB  CW 599 599 NS
16 Nov-13 1853  14.031 SN7Q    CW 599 599 POLAND
16 Nov-13 1854  14.022 SP9LJD  CW 599 599 POLAND
16 Nov-13 1855  14.019 LZ6C    CW 599 599 BULGARIA
16 Nov-13 1859  14.017 HA8VK   CW 599 599 HUNGARY
16 Nov-13 1903  14.027 F6HKA   CW 599 599 FRANCE
16 Nov-13 1905  14.063 WZ4L    CW 579 589 TN

After this, I packed up and headed east farther along the range road. Judy
took a quick snapshot.

After a ways, we turned south into an adjoining field.

From here we walked down into the sunny field below and then farther south through
a corn field and a quiet glen. Continuing west we came out on the range road and
walked back to the waiting car. I will treasure this day when January comes and
temperatures have dipped well below zero and the snow is waist high.