St. Vincent on Three Bands at Shute Hill
November 2013

This afternoon I took a quick hike up Shute Hill. I had
a great two-way QRP QSO with N0UR and then I worked
J88HL on three bands.

I walked down the range road and turned into the woods. Farther on I came to
Will Ellis's field. I sat down near the east edge and turned on the KX3. I heard
Jim N0UR in MN calling CQ on 14.060. He was booming in, and he gave me
a good report too. "UR portable ANT doing FB," he sent. I had the ten meter
wire over a branch with the 9:1 unun. He was running a K2 at 5 watts
to a 3-element beam. His signal was over S9. What fun to have a  2-way QRP QSO.

After that I went up to 15 meters. A group of Polish operators was running
a DXpedition from St. Vincent. J88HL was working split with a pretty
large pileup. But it was orderly and his signal was strong. I had no trouble
making the QSO.

When I switched to 10 meters, there was the St. Vincent station again working split.
So I worked J88HL on 10 meters and moved to 17 meters. I was surprised to hear
them again on another band. Once again I made the QSO. So I worked them on 3 bands
in the course of 15 minutes.

With that I packed up and headed back down the hill. What a beautiful afternoon for
a quick outing... sunny with temps at nearly 50F.