Fall Hike to the 20 Acre Field
October 2014

Judy and I hiked up to the 20 Acre Field on Shute Hill. In less than 15 minutes I worked Croatia,
Slovenia, Italy, Venezuela, Greenland and W1AW/0 in Missouri.

It was a brisk fall day in the mid-50s. The fall colors were lovely. After lunch Judy and I
walked up the Rufus Colby Road and into an old farm lane. We went east for about a half
mile and into the 20 acre field. I tossed a 33 foot wire over a maple branch and sat down in
the field. I operated mostly on  15 meters with the KX3.

Here's my log:

9 Oct-14 1859  21.027 9A7R   CW 599 599 Croatia  
9 Oct-14 1901  21.020 S53ZO  CW 599 599 Slovenia  
9 Oct-14 1905  21.017 IK4VFD CW 599 599 Italy  
9 Oct-14 1907  21.037 YV1KK  CW 599 599 Venezuela  
9 Oct-14 1909  24.908 XP3A   CW 539 599 Greenland 
9 Oct-14 1912  24.912 W1AW/0 CW 599 599 MO  

Toward the end I switched to 12 meters and was pleased to find Peter, XP3A in Greenland.

It's always a thrill to work distance lands while hiking in the woods and fields of New Hampshire.
There's often a marked contrast between my operating position and the places I contact.

By the end of October the cold weather and frequent rain will be in the forecast. I'm trying to
get out as often as I can before then.