DX from the Blueberry Field
August 2014

Judy went blueberry picking this afternoon in Ashland, New Hampshire. I went along. She picked blueberries;
I worked Russia, Germany, Greece, Denmark and Arizona!

I operated from this beautiful field right next to the blueberries.

I tossed a 30 foot wire over a maple branch and sat down on the grass with the KX3. What a perfect way to
spend an hour. Here's my log:

11 Aug-14 1954  14.020 RA/UY6IM CW 599 599 Russia  
11 Aug-14 1957  14.032 DM200TSV CW 579 599 Germany  
11 Aug-14 2002  18.071 SV2CQB   CW 569 599 Greece   
11 Aug-14 2008  18.075 OZ2TF    CW 559 599 Denmark   
11 Aug-14 2012  14.009 NN6T     CW 569 599 AZ

All the DX contacts were quick exchanges, but the last QSO with Glen NN6T in Kingman,
Arizona was the most fun. Glen and I actually had a QSO, and I promised to send him a photo
of my operating position. He sent, "UR QRP is doing very good." That was a relief because the
bands seemed a bit shaky today.

Judy picked nine quarts of the most luscious blueberries I ever tasted. I had a great time making
a few QSOs. Nice combination.