Bike Ride in Old Hill Village
May 2014

Today was magic! Everything has turned green in the last couple of days. Judy and I rode our bikes
in Old Hill Village this afternoon. I brought the KX3 and worked Slovenia, Lithuania, Dominican
Republic, St. Kitts, Indiana and South Dakota.

We started out at Shop Road and headed south. We could tell the Pemigewasset River was high.
But we were surprised when we found the road was flooded about a mile into the trip.

We turned around and rode back to the camper. Then we headed south by car several miles and came
into the flood control area from the other end.  It was gorgeous. After riding for ten minutes or so, we
came to a  beautiful little cove.

Soon the old road leveled out through a large field not far from the river.
But we were on high ground and didn't see any more water on the road.

We stopped in front of an old butternut tree a mile or so farther on. I've
operated here before.

You can see Judy in the background. She brought her knitting and is
working on some booties for a friend's new baby. I tossed my line over
the tallest branch and set up a vertical wire. I ran the KX3 at 5 watts and
started out on 17 meters. Right away I worked W1AW/0 in South Dakota.
I jumped between 17, 15 and 12 meters to work six stations in about 20 minutes.
Here's my log:

18 May-14 2026  18.085 W1AW/0  CW 599 599 SD
18 May-14 2030  24.892 HI3LFE  CW 599 599 Dominican Rep 
18 May-14 2034  21.035 LY10W   CW 599 599 Lithuania   
18 May-14 2037  18.068 S51TA   CW 559 599 Slovenia
18 May-14 2043  18.076 W9FAM   CW 599 599 IN 
18 May-14 2044  18.077 V44KAI  CW 599 599 St. Kitts  

From this spot I look east across the Pemi to Sanbornton. It's beautiful.

I packed up the gear for the ride south to the camper. Judy took a quick snapshot of me and the bike.