DX from Cannon Mountain
July 2014

I made a quick trip to Cannon Mountain in Franconia Notch with the family today. I only operated for
10 minutes, but worked two German stations. The view was extraordinary.

We took the tramway to the top with my daughter who is visiting from Hawaii. Judy made a
picnic lunch for us and we sat on the east side of the mountain. I put up a 14 foot
crappie pole that supported 15 feet of wire. I ran the KX3 at five watts.

DL2DX, Joe was calling CQ on 17M and I answered him. He was 599 and gave me a 569.
I told him I was QRP and he sent, "FB with 5W." We signed, and I was thrilled.

Next I switched to 15 meters and I heard another strong German station. DL5ANT, Ben was
just finishing up a QSO and I called him. My signal wasn't quite as strong to him, but he gave
me a 559 and he was 579.

A large black cloud appeared, and we were sure it was about to rain. We packed up and got ready
to leave, but the cloud passed to our north. We had a leisurely walk back to the cable car. I'm
definitely coming back this summer. It's a gorgeous spot to operate.