The Days are Cooler on the Pemi
September 2014

Judy and I rode our bikes along the Pemigewasset River in Old Hill.
I stopped on a knoll overlooking the river for 15 minutes and worked
Belgium, Moldova, W1AW/4 in NC and Germany.

The day was fine, but a bit cool and breezy. It definitely feels like fall is
approaching. Every now and then the scent of wild apples would fill our
nostrils as we peddled along. Yellow leaves lay on the path. Wild asters
dotted the lane way.

On the knoll I tossed my line over a pine branch and hooked up the KX3.
I started out on 17 meters. Right away I worked Pat ON7PQ in Belgium.
He was 599 and gave me a 569. Then... another quick contact with
Moldova... ER3MM, Victor. He gave me a 449.

Then I switched to 20 meters and heard W1AW/4 in North Carolina booming
in. I made the contact easily.

I switched to 15 meters for one more QSO. Hans DL8MCG was calling CQ and I answered
him. I wasn't strong... barely 539, but we had a nice chat. "UR FB with 5W," he sent
when I told him I was QRP. Hans was running 500 watts to a vertical.

I packed up and joined Judy who was knitting in the sun farther down the lane.

The crickets are singing a new song now. It's the song of cooler days and the coming of