Change of Color at Knox Mountain
September 2014

Today I took a step back 15 years and went for a hike with an old MFJ Cub
and a plain dipole. I worked Wales and Wisconsin with only 2 watts.

I hiked up to the cabin at Knox Mountain and had a beautiful afternoon.

As I approached the pond I found a small patch of mountain gentians near the old dam.
The pond was beautiful in the afternoon sunlight.

An old cabin overlooks the pond. I set up my gear just on the other side of the front porch under the
wild cherry tree.

I tossed a line over a high branch and pulled up a half wave dipole fed with RG-174. I hung a
water bottle from the low end. This way I could use the dipole as a vertical.

I plugged the dipole into the 20 meter MFJ Cub without a tuner. I searched around
for a while and soon heard GW0FZY from Wales calling CQ. Justin had a strong
signal and was kind enough to answer me. He gave me a 569. There was some QSB
earlier on, but toward the end of the QSO he sent, "Solid Jim... FB on UR hike." It
was an absolute pleasure to work Justin all the way across the ocean!

The little Cub performed well... I think I built it nearly 15 years ago from a kit.
I used to hike with it all the time.

Next I answered Ron W9UW in Wisconsin. Ron was very gracious and sent,
"UR doing a great job there with 2W." Ron also gave me a 569.

I packed up the gear for the downhill journey. I took one last photo of the pond.

As I left the blue jays sent 73 with their "Dee Dee Dee" calls. Along the trail,
I treasured each moment. As I noticed the change in color, I realized our days
are numbered before the woods turn gray.