Early Fall at Eagle Pond
October, 2014

Judy and I rode our bikes from Andover to Wilmot on the old Northern Rail
route. I worked Germany, Alaska, Grand Turk Island, and New Mexico. It was
a gorgeous day.

We rode our bikes for about half an hour and settled down on the little beach at Eagle
Pond. I tossed a line into an oak tree on the shore, pulled up a 33 foot wire, and set up
the KX3. Judy lay down for some sun. I tuned up on 15 meters and found Frank DL1REM
in Germany calling CQ. He was very strong and gave me a 579. "CONGRATS FOR UR
QRP SIG," he sent. "REAL FB SIG." Then I switched to 12 meters and worked W1AW/KL7
in Alaska! Imagine working Alaska with 5 watts and a wire from the middle of nowhere.
What a thrill. I gave a listen to 10 meters and there was Paul KW7D in New Mexico
calling CQ. Paul also gave me a 579 and we had a quick chat. To finish up, I went to
17 meters and worked VP5/G3SWH on Grand Turk Island.

We rode back through woods and fields turning gold with fall colors. We couldn't have had a nicer