Father's Day Bike Ride to Hill
June 2014

Judy and I made a quick Father's Day bicycle excursion to Old Hill Village.
It was a glorious day. Blue sky, windy, as clear as a day could be. I worked
Italy, Slovak Rep., W1AW/0 in MN, Scotland, and Belarus... all on 17 meters.

We parked on the south end and rode our bikes north through
the woods. A thrush sang a remarkable song as we passed a beautiful
cove on the river. We stopped in a field about a mile in, and I tossed a
wire into an old butternut tree. It's a place I've stopped many times before.

I set up the KX3 at 5W to a 33 foot wire over the branch. I heard
Fabio IZ8JFL in Italy right away. We exchanged quick 599s and
I tuned around.

I sat in the grass right at the edge of the old road. There was
enough wind to keep the mosquitoes away!

Here's my log:

15 Jun-14 1940  18.080 IZ8JFL  CW 599 599 Italy
15 Jun-14 1950  18.068 OM5XX   CW 579 599 Slovak Rep
15 Jun-14 1953  14.030 W1AW/0  CW 599 599 MN 
15 Jun-14 1956  18.080 GA3WUX  CW 569 599 Glasgow
15 Jun-14 2003  18.086 EW1HI   CW 599 599 Belarus 

The view from my operating position was great. I gazed across a field on this side
of the river toward Knox Mountain in Sanbornton where I often operate.

We stayed about a half an hour soaking in the sunshine and
then headed home. Judy made a strawberry shortcake for
Father's Day!