DX from the Frozen Pemi
March 2014

What a relief to hike again. It warmed up to 45F today and
I hit the trail. Down to the Pemigewasset River where
I worked Spain, Poland, Norway, Germany and Greece.

I walked about a mile on the access road to the river along the snowmobile
trail. Weeks Brook is still frozen. Soon it will be rushing with the spring melt.

Right in front of Shaw Cove is a sharp curve in the road. There's a row of tall
pine trees directly exposed to the southern sun. Even though two feet of snow
covers the ground in most places, there is a bare patch at the base of these trees. 
I set up the KX3 at 5 watts with a 33 foot wire up to one of the pine branches.
I spread a plastic bag on the ground to sit on.

I started out on 17 meters and heard Christian, LI8OM in Norway. He gave
me a 449 and he was 599. This is not an ideal spot for propagation because
there is a steep hill directly to the east... toward Europe. So I never expect
strong reports here... but it was 55F in the sun and one of the few spots
available to operate at this time of year.

Next, I exchanged reports with Serge DL1DGS in Germany. He gave me a
559 and I was pleased to work him again after a long time.

Shaw Cove is directly across from where I sat... and farther... the main flow
of the Pemi. Both are frozen and probably won't break up for a few weeks.

Now I switched to 12 meters and made three quick contacts with SZ7SER,
a radio club in Greece followed by DL5LYM in Germany and SP7ASZ,
Andy in Poland.

For a final contact I went to 10 meters and worked Oscar, EA1DR in Spain.
I'd only operated for 15 minutes, but made six nice contacts. I packed up
for the return hike up the hill.

This has been one of the coldest, snowiest and longest winters for several
decades. One warm day is all it takes to raise my hopes for spring and
summer adventures to come.