Indian Summer on the Pemi
September 2014

It's been Indian summer the last couple of days. That's what we call it when we get a
spell of summer weather during the cool fall days. It's generally the last warm weather
of the year.

I rode my bike along both sides of the Pemigewasset River yesterday and today. I worked
Spain, Idaho, Madeira Island, Greece, Germany, Belgium and Tristan de Cunha.

Today was in the 80s! I rode my bike north along the Sanbornton side of the river. What
a day... I rode about a mile and a half to the old bridge abutment and set up the KX3 under
an oak tree in the shade. I tossed a 33 foot wire over a branch and started operating.  I worked
three stations in about 10 minutes on 17 meters.

First EG4ATB in Spain... it was a special event station and we exchanged 599s. The next
was W1AW/7 in Idaho, and then I worked Madeira Island. Cedric CT3FT was just finishing
up a QSO and I called him. He gave me a 579. "FB QRP WRKING VY NICELY," he sent.
He was running 500 watts to a 4 element beam.

The day was perfect. The trees are just starting to change color. The fields have recently been
mowed and the scent of fresh hay fills the air.

On the Old Hill Side of the River

Yesterday, I was on the other side of the river. It was a beautiful day. I started out at Needle
Shop Brook and headed south toward Franklin.

I rode south a couple of miles and set up at the edge of a large field in the sunshine
just under a maple tree. I used the 33 foot wire and the KX3.

I started out on 15 meters and quickly worked SX7AMF, a special event station in
Greece. We exchanged 599s and I tuned up a bit and worked W1AW/7 in Idaho.
Then I switched to 12 meters and had the surprise of my life. There was ZD9XF in
Tristan de Cunha calling CQ. This is a DXpedition on one of the most remote islands
in the world! I got him on the second call and we exchanged 599s. I never expected

I switched to 17 meters and worked DJ9IE in Germany. Uli gave me a 579. He
was 599. Before riding back, I worked one more... OP37AEF in Belgium.

These last few days of September are precious. There will be many months of snow and
cold before we can enjoy the luxury of days like this again. I'm getting out every chance
I have.