Spring Hike to Knox Mountain
April 2014

It was a perfect day for a hike up to Knox Mountain. I walked up
after lunch and worked Ukraine, Italy and Portugal.

The first bridge crosses the brook a few minutes into the hike. It's collapsing.
One of the main support timbers has crashed into the water. The whole thing
is sagging... I cross carefully.

The trail meanders through the woods alongside of the brook. It's a glorious
adventure. Huge pine trees tower above the path.

It's about 50F today with some clouds. I'm looking for a way to cross the
brook at the top end of the trail. The second bridge is gone and a board we
placed across the rocks last year has washed away with the snow melt. I find
a place about a quarter of a mile from the pond where I can jump safely across the rocks.

Alongside the brook, at the bottom of a steep hillside, I found an area covered with bright yellow
colts foot flowers. Within a few minutes I reach the dam and the pond comes into view.

I walk around to the opposite bank and toss my line over a high cherry tree near the cabin. I pull up a
33 foot wire. I use the earchi.org 9:1 unun connected to the KX3 and run 5 watts.

I tune up on 15 meters and hear Dima, UT6UA in the Ukraine.  We exchange reports and he gives
me a 569. He's a 599.

Next I work Walter IK5ZWU in Italy. He's also a strong 599 and gives me a 559.  Then I switch to
20 meters and call Oleg CT7/RC2A who is portable in Portugal. His signal is excellent and he gives
me a 569.

I sit for a few minutes enjoying the view before I pack up. It's been four months since I was here
last. You can see why it's a favorite spot.