Late October Outings and DX with the DSW
October 2014

It's still beautiful even though most of the leaves are off the trees. I've gotten out the last two days.
Yesterday a bike ride in East Andover... today I used the DSW in a field on Shute Hill to work
Curacao, the Netherlands and a 2-way QRP QSO with Pennsylvania. I'll start with today.

Judy and I hiked up the Rufus Colby Road and down the lane way into Will Ellis's field. The beech
trees are still glowing orange. I brought the beautiful DSW for 20 meters and a dipole. I decided
to put the dipole up as a sloper... one end in a pine tree... the other end tied to a line and held down
by a rock in the field. It didn't go smoothly. I pulled off the PL259 connector from the RG-174 when
it caught on some stubble in the field. Fortunately I had a knife and a little screw driver in the backpack,
and I cobbled a connection together.

What a sweet rig. 2 watts... digital VFO with a built in keyer and nice filtering. As soon as I
got set up, I worked Al WA3PTY in Pennsylvania! He was only running 1 watt. Wow... We've
worked each other a dozen times before, but what a hoot to make this QSO from Shute Hill...
2-way QRP.

After that I went down the band and worked PA2EVR in the Netherlands. It was a quick 599/599
exchange. Then I worked PJ2/DL8OBQ in Curacao, an island just north of the Venezuelan coast.
This was also a quick exchange. But what a lot of fun! A tiny rig, low power, simple antenna from
the top of Shute Hill. It doesn't get much better. Thanks Dave for designing the little DSW!

Bike Ride in East Andover

Yesterday, Judy and I rode our bikes about 5 miles on the old rail trail in East Andover.
There were so many leaves on the trail, we couldn't even see the ground.

I stopped at a little brook to operate and discovered that I'd left the backpack and the rig
in the camper. This is not a good sign.  Before heading home, we stopped at Highland Lake.

I tossed 33 feet of wire into a maple tree and sat down on the grass with the KX3. I started
on 12 meters. W1AW/7 in Nevada was very strong and we made a quick exchange. Then
I switched to 15 meters and called Oscar EA1DR. I've worked him in Spain at least a dozen
times from the field. He's always a welcomed QSO.

Things may look a lot different in a few days. There's a forecast of snow for Sunday.