Bike Ride to the Pemigewasset River
May 2014

It's May 1st and I took my first bike ride to the Pemi. The water is still
a bit high, the trail still wet, but it was 60F and time for an outing. I worked
Portugal, Michigan and Florida.

Last night it poured rain, so the road, already wet from spring flooding, is
muddy in spots. The riding was slow and my tires soon caked with dirt.

Not long into the ride, I encountered lots of flood debris. The Corps of
Engineers hasn't been able to get in yet to clear the old road.

I rode through a flooded section nearly 150 feet long and about four inches
high. It wasn't difficult - I barely got my shoes wet.

I stopped a mile and a half down the road alongside the river. I brought a
KD1JV rig, the ATS-3. I tossed a 25 foot wire over a pine branch and
tuned it with an Elecraft T-1 tuner. I operated on 20 meters. The first
station I heard was CT7AGM, Walter in Portugal. He couldn't hear me
very well. Partly because of the propagation and partly because of the
large hill toward the east directly behind me. But I made the contact and
finished the exchange, and he copied it all.

As I sat on the bank, I savored the river view only a few feet away.

Next I moved up the band to 14.052. K8AQM was just finishing up a QSO, and he was really strong.
Ted gave me a 599 from Michigan and sent his SKCC number. "UR QRP FB Jim," he sent before
signing. Next I called AF4K a bit higher up the band. Bry was also very strong and he gave me a
579 from Florida. "FB Jim GUD SIG FER QRP," he sent. With that we signed and I packed up.

This is one of the most beautiful spots anywhere to bike ride, hike and operate. I come here at least
once a week during the summer.

Tomorrow is the hamfest in Deerfield, New Hampshire. Hope to see you there. 73 Jim W1PID