Afternoon at the Knox Mountain Pond
August 2014

This afternoon Hanz W1JSB and I hiked up to Knox Mountain. What a beautiful
place. We worked Russia, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Germany and Croatia.

Along the trail, the first bridge has deteriorated significantly since we made the trip last. The
timbers have sagged so badly that the planks at the leading edge are sticking several feet  above
the ground. We crossed cautiously. We came to the pond after hiking forty minutes or so. It's
always a welcome sight.

Hanz and I set up between the two cabins on the hill above the pond. I tossed a half wave wire for
20 meters over a high branch of the cherry tree and we shared the antenna. I brought the KX3.
Hanz brought his new rig. It's an enhanced HB-1B in a waterproof Pelican case. It's really gorgeous.

Hanz has added a large display, an amplified speaker, internal battery, charger, power monitor, and
a touch keyer to the HB-1B. It's beautiful and really works just as well.

Hanz took the first turn with the antenna. He worked Russia, Poland, Georgia,
and South Carolina. We were working the Romanian DX Contest.

Here's my log:

30 Aug-14 1941  14.025 HG8C  CW 599 599 Hungary 
30 Aug-14 1946  14.014 R3ZV  CW 599 599 Russia  
30 Aug-14 1953  14.031 W4IX  CW 599 599 SC 
30 Aug-14 1957  14.011 I3FIY CW 599 599 Italy  
30 Aug-14 2003  14.027 YR9F  CW 599 599 Romania  
30 Aug-14 2029  14.026 DJ2QV CW 599 599 Germany  
30 Aug-14 2032  14.018 N4AF  CW 599 599 NC  
30 Aug-14 2033  14.014 W4BQF CW 599 599 GA 
30 Aug-14 2035  14.019 9A5Y  CW 599 599 Croatia  

We passed the antenna back and forth for an hour or so.

We packed up after a perfect afternoon and headed down the trail alongside the
brook. Hanz took one last picture of the afternoon sun shimmering in a pool in
the rocks.