September Bike Ride in Old Hill Village
September 2014

Judy and I rode our bikes in Old Hill Village. I worked four separate Spanish stations
plus Latvia and Greenland. It was a beautiful, beautiful day.

It was cool today... only 55F. But in the sun it was nearly 70F. We took our bikes
over to Hill Village and set off down the trail. We rode for 20 minutes and stopped
at a familiar spot. Bathed in sun, under an old butternut tree, it was the perfect place
to set up and enjoy the warmth.

I ran the KX3 and a 33 foot wire over a branch. I started out on 15 meters and
worked a Spanish special event station. I stayed on 15M and worked Peter
OX3XR in Greenland. "Jim UR QRP FB," he sent when I told him I was
running 5W. Altogether I worked 4 Spanish stations... a pipeline it seems.
Here's my log:

14 Sep-14 1855  21.018 AM03PP  CW 599 599 Spain  
14 Sep-14 1856  21.001 OX3XR   CW 569 599 Greenland 
14 Sep-14 1903  18.080 EG4GET  CW 599 599 Spain  
14 Sep-14 1908  18.074 EG7MAL  CW 599 599 Spain  
14 Sep-14 1912  14.025 YL100PW CW 599 599 Latvia  
14 Sep-14 1914  18.072 EH3SDC  CW 599 599 Spain  

I'm not sure why, but all the Spanish stations were honoring a special event.

I operated for 15 minutes before packing up for the return ride. I was glad the bands were active
in spite of dire warnings of solar storms and poor HF conditions. On the way back we stopped at
the old bridge abutment. Sanbornton (where I live) is on the other side of the river.

I hope we'll have many more outings before the cold weather sets in for the winter.