A Late Summer Hike On Shute Hill
September 2014

Judy and I took a quick hike on Shute Hill this afternoon. I set up on 15 meters and worked
Bulgaria and Oregon. We started across from the old cemetery at the top of the hill.

We hike east for several minutes until we get to the old bridge that crosses the stream from
the beaver pond. The bridge is in pretty rough shape.

The day is perfect... about 70F with a slight breeze. I did chores around the house this
morning and was anxious to get out for a short walk. The trail on Shute Hill is close
to home and scenic.

The trail is lined with wildflowers... wild asters (both blue and white),
black-eyed susans, and goldenrod in full bloom... everywhere.

The flowers are covered with wild bees and the sounds of humming fills the air. We hike to a spot not far
from the top of the hill, and I set up in a small clearing at the base of an old butternut tree.

This place isn't fancy, but it's sunny and warm. I toss my line up about 40 feet and
pull up a 33 foot wire. I'm using the KX3 on 15 meters and I tune around. LZ1ZJ
Slav in Bulgaria. He's really strong and answers my call. He gives me a 589 and
sends, "Congrats for your 5W Jim. FB solid copy."

I went up the band a bit and there was Dennis W7WHO in Oregon calling CQ. He gave
me a 559 and he was a nice 599. "FB Jim UR 5W doing well... enjoy your hike." I've worked
Dennis 8 or 10 times before, and it was nice to work him again.

I packed up and headed back toward the car. In all, we were gone about an hour and a half.
Wonderful adventure.