Fall ARCI Contest on Shute Hill
October 2015

Judy and I hiked on Shute Hill late this afternoon. Judy worked on some
knitting and I worked a few stations in the Fall ARCI Sprint.

The trees shimmered in the sunlight as we passed the Phelps farm on Rufus Colby Road. Soon
we were at the field and I set up the 65 foot end fed wire as an inverted vee. I used the Mountain
Topper running 3 watts on 20 meters. I made four quick contacts before the sun went behind the
trees. Two of them were dupes. I had worked N0UR and N4BP in the morning. But it was nice
to say hello again with the portable setup. I operated for about 20 minutes in the field.
Here's my log:

10 Oct-15 2015  14.061 K5YQF CW 559 559 TX 8077   
10 Oct-15 2019  14.060 N0UR  CW 559 559 MN 6845   
10 Oct-15 2030  14.060 WZ4L  CW 569 559 TN 3W
10 Oct-15 2037  14.060 N4BP  CW 599 599 FL 3412   

It was only about 50F, but warm in the sun... definitely jacket weather. As the shadows lengthened,
it cooled off quickly and we headed back.