August in Old Hill
August 2015

Judy and I went for a bike ride in Old Hill Village. It was a perfect
August day in the low 80s. I worked Switzerland, Cuba and the Czech

We started out on the Franklin end and rode about a mile and a half north. We
stopped in front of a beautiful field. It's a favorite place right under an old
butternut tree.

I tossed a 28 foot wire into the butternut and sat down at the edge of the old

I had the KX3 and started out on 17 meters. Celso, HB9TNW from Switzerland
was calling CQ and I answered. He gave me a 559 and I told him I was QRP.
"Congrats for  your QRP," he sent back and we signed.

Next I heard CO8LY calling from Cuba. Eduardo is well known in CW circles.
He appears in my log more than 100 times. Always we exchange 599 and close
with a cordial 73.

It wasn't only radio signals that fell on me from the sky... I felt a sudden splat land
on my right knee.  It looked like some kind of juice! Judy came to the rescue
with a tissue. Most likely a bird overhead had been eating berries and relieved
himself directly above me. I was thankful the gift hadn't landed on the KX3!

Next I switched to 20 meters where I received an excellent report from the Czech

Jiri, OK2RRR was just finishing a QSO and I called him. He was a very strong 599 and
he surprised me with a 589 report. I told him that I was QRP on a bicycle ride. "UR peaking
599. Fantastic for UR QRP." He wished me a fun bike ride and we signed with 73.  I have
worked Jiri several times before.

The summer wild flowers were all in bloom as we rode back. I couldn't help noticing the
goldenrod in full color. A certain sign that the season is starting to change.