QRP from Rye Beach
September 2015

Judy and I went to the beach today. Wow... it was beautiful! I operated in the CWT Sprint for about
15 minutes with the MTR at 3 watts. I worked MN, NC, MO and TN with an antenna that was only
3 feet off the ground.

After a wonderful picnic lunch, Judy went for a swim. I sat on a bench overlooking the breakwater at
Rye Harbor. It was perfect. Here's the goofy part... there were no trees around so I ran the Par Endfedz
from the back of the bench to a bush that was about 5 feet high. The 60 foot wire was about 3 feet off
the ground for most of the distance.

I sat on the bench and had the little Mountain Topper by KD1JV right beside me.

Fortunately, the CWT sprint had started a few minutes before I set up.
There were quite a few strong stations on 20 meters. Here's my log:

16 Sep-15 1906  14.027 KM0O CW 599 599 MN   
16 Sep-15 1908  14.032 AD8J CW 599 599 NC   
16 Sep-15 1911  14.025 NW0M CW 599 599 MO   
16 Sep-15 1915  14.027 K4RO CW 599 599 TN

I didn't operate long because we wanted to walk on the beach and take a bike
ride along the shore. It was a perfect afternoon.