June Bike Ride to the Pemi
June 2015

I rode my bicycle down along the Pemigewasset River again today.
I worked the Normandy coast (France), Brazil and Texas.

The old road runs about a mile and a half north to a bridge that went to
Hill Village. There's nothing left now but the stone abutments. I set up
the KX3 with a 28 foot vertical wire not far from there.

I sat down in the grass and tuned across 17 meters. I heard F/ON6JUN/P
in Normandy calling CQ and answered. We exchanged quick 599s and
I moved to 15 meters. PV8ADI  in Brazil was very strong and we had
a quick exchange. Then I heard Dave NA5CW in Texas finishing up
a QSO.

He answered and gave me a 459. He was a strong 599. After a couple of minutes chatting he
said my signal had picked up to 559 and he was copying all. I promised to send him some photos.

I packed up and rode the bike back south to the car.