DX from Dyer Brook
May 2015

Judy and I rode our bikes from Shop Road to Dyer Brook in Old Hill Village
today. I worked the Canary Islands, Georgia and Wisconsin.

It was a hot summer day... almost 90F and it felt more like July than May. But
what a beautiful afternoon. We rode down by Needle Shop Brook and headed
north on the old river road. We went about 2.5 miles to Dyer Brook. There's
a beautiful bridge there with the brook passing down the steep hillside and
going underneath. The constant flow keeps the moss brilliant green.

I tossed a 28 foot wire over the branch of an old maple tree, and I sat down right
on the bridge near the edge. I was running the KX3 and stayed on 20 meters. I
operated for less than 10 minutes.

EA8TL, Jorge in the Canary Islands was calling CQ. He returned my call and we
exchanged quick 599's. The CWT sprint was underway and I worked two quick
stations participating in the weekly event. I worked W4BQF, Tom in GA, and
then Dwight NS9I in Wisconsin. I packed up within 10 minutes of sitting down.

The last time I operated here I was attacked by fierce mosquitoes. Oddly, there were none around today.
I didn't miss them. Within a few hours of returning home, a strong line of thunderstorms moved across
the area from the west. They provided a much needed drenching for the garden and it cooled down a bit.