DX from Livermore Falls
October 2015

Tim W3ATB and I went up to Livermore Falls in Plymouth this morning. I
worked England, Spain, Israel, Denmark and Latvia. To make it even better,
the fall colors were stunning.

The Plymouth and Lincoln railroad tracks run just to the west of the falls. I set
up on some rocks in the sunshine. It was nearly 55F in the sun.

I tossed a 33 foot wire into an oak tree so my wire was sloping to the east. It
was perfect on 15, 12 and 10 meters. I used the KX3 with a 9:1 unun.

As I tuned across 15 meters I felt like I was in radio heaven. FS/K9NU Paul in
St. Martin answered on my first call. Here's my log for the morning:

27 Oct-15 1455  21.028 FS/K9NU CW 599 599 St. Martin     
27 Oct-15 1458  21.024 OZ5RM   CW 569 599 Denmark     
27 Oct-15 1503  21.022 YL2TQ   CW 589 599 Latvia     
27 Oct-15 1508  21.007 LZ1IN   CW 559 579 Bulgaria     
27 Oct-15 1512  24.900 4Z5AD   CW 599 599 Israel     
27 Oct-15 1523  24.900 UR5WA   CW 599 599 Ukraine     
27 Oct-15 1525  28.028 G0EFO   CW 579 599 England     
27 Oct-15 1530  28.009 EA3AR   CW 579 599 Spain   


I tried 12 meters and worked Ukraine and Israel, so I moved up to 10 meters.
I was amazed to find it also open. I worked England and Spain.

With that I packed up and headed home. I'm so glad I was able to get out.
It's supposed to rain the next two days.