Friday Afternoon on Shute Hill
October 2015

I can't stay inside when the sun is shining. So I hike in the woods and fields and
bring a radio along. This afternoon Judy and I went to Shute Hill. I worked Lewis
Isle in Scotland, Florida, Venezuela and did a 2-way QRP QSO with Tennessee.

We walk through a tunnel of gold on the Rufus Colby Road passed Ivan Phelps's
farm. After a while we come to an old 20 acre farm field in the middle of nowhere.
It's quiet and warm in the fall sun.

I toss a 33 foot wire over an oak branch and set up the KX3. I start on 30 meters and hear
Norman GM4KGK calling CQ. Lewis Isle is off the west coast of northern Scotland. He is
589 and gives me a 449. What a thrill.

At the edge of the field in front of me, the trees are aflame. But it's windy today and the color won't last
much longer. I switch to 20 meters and have a nice chat with Len KC9AWL in Florida. He is 579 and gives
me a 559. I switch to 17 meters. There is Jose YV5DTJ in Venezuela with a very strong signal. He gives
me a 559.

Then I go to 15 meters where WZ4L Sam in Tennessee is calling CQ. I answer and he gives
me a 579. He is very strong... 599. But I learn that Sam is only running 7W! Wow. He's using
a loop antenna and it sure works well. Sam and I have QSO'd before and it's always fun! I tell
him I'm outdoors surrounded by sunshine and fall color. He wishes me well.