Operating from the Garden
June 2015

There's an impending thunder shower on the horizon. So I didn't
go anywhere today... But I was outside in the garden. I set up
on the grass surrounded by flowers and worked Croatia, Slovenia,
Northern Ireland and Germany with the KX3 and the 44 foot dipole.

Multi-flora rose on left. Raspberry patch on the right.

I set up the 44 foot dipole between two trees and sat down on the grass with the KX3.
I operated for about 10 minutes on 17 meters. It was beautiful. Behind me, not far
away, was a patch of irises in bloom.

My first QSO was with Steph in Croatia... 9A2YM. We exchanged quick 599s and I went up the
band a bit and worked Slovenia. Milan S57V gave me a 539, but he copied everything.

GI4DOH in N. Ireland was calling CQ. We exchanged quick 599s. I've worked Richard
at least a half a dozen times before over the years.

Not far from the Iris is a wild rose Judy dug up along the roadside many years ago.
Its fragrance fills the garden.

Before packing up I called Hans, DJ7MI in Germany. He was booming in and he
gave me a 579 and we chatted briefly before signing.

As the sky darkened, I packed up and headed into the house to wait for the rain.
It sure is helping the garden stay in bloom.