Quick Walk on Johnson Road
November 2015

Judy and I took a quick walk on Johnson Road this afternoon. I worked Belgium and Ohio on 20 meters.

It was drizzling all morning, but after lunch there was a break in the weather and the sun peaked out.
We went for a walk nearby. It was beautiful and about 50 degrees.

After walking down to Salmon Brook we came back through the woods to the old field and I set up
on a sandy hillside in the sun under a birch tree.

I tuned up on 20 meters and heard OP4VT, Danny in Belgium finishing up a QSO. I called him and
we had a quick exchange of signal reports.

Then I tuned up the band a bit where KD8AZO was calling CQ. Dave in Ohio gave me a 569 and we
chatted for a few minutes. When I told him I was running 7 watts he sent, "Wow, Jim... UR doing
a FB job." A few minutes later we signed.

I only operated for 10 minutes, but it's always fun to make a couple of quick QSOs on our daily walk.