Another Antenna Test Along the Pemi
June 2015

It's another beautiful day. I rode my bike along the Pemigewasset
River again to do another antenna test with the twisted pair dipole.
I worked Russia, the Canary Islands and Pennsylvania.

This spot is hard to beat. It's right on the corner of the old road that goes
down to the bridge abutment and there's a nice breeze here to keep the
mosquitoes away. I didn't even use bug repellent today.

I set up the 44 foot dipole between the two big pine trees in the same position
as yesterday. The antenna is made from #22 twisted pair that's teflon coated.
There's 30 feet of feed line. Click here for a photo of the antenna. I tried the
antenna on all bands from 80 to 6 meters. It tuned everywhere except 80 with
the KX3 tuner. I heard a couple of strong stations on 17 meters, so started there.

I called R6AF Vic in Russia and made a quick QSO. He gave me a 579 and
sent "Nice to hear your QRP X Copy All." Then I tuned up the band and
called Jorge EA8TL in the Canary Islands. We exchanged quick 599s and
I listened on 20 meters, but didn't hear much, so I went to 30 meters.

W3MT, Mike in Pennsylvania was just finishing up a QSO and I called him.
He was strong and copied 100% even though I wasn't really strong to him.
We chatted for almost five minutes. I was glad the antenna worked on 30

I operated for about 20 minutes and rode south to the car.