Rail Trail in East Andover
July 2015

I rode my bicycle along the old Northern Rail route in East Andover today. It was a beautiful
summer day... in the low 80s. I worked Russia, Estonia, Latvia and South Carolina.

My view from the picnic table

I stopped along the trail at Sucker Brook. I tossed a 28 foot wire into a nearby pine and sat down
underneath the wire at a picnic table. I tuned across 20 meters with the KX3 and heard one strong
station... RZ1OA, Vlad in Russia. He was calling CQ and he answered, gave me a 559, and signed.

Then I switched to 17 meters. I called NE3Z, Dan in South Carolina and got a 529 report. He was
booming in with a 599. I tuned down the band a bit and answered Jan, ES4QR in Estonia. He only
gave me a 349, but we completed the exchange without a problem. Finally I worked Latvia... Vil
YL2BJ gave me a 599 and I packed up to ride some more along the trail. I only operated for 15
minutes or so.

What fantastic magic to enjoy a perfect summer day and some DX from along the trail to make it
even better.