DX from a Moving Train
October 2015

Today I operated from the caboose of the Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad as it traveled
from Meredith to Lakeport. I worked Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Bulgaria, the Czech
Republic,  Curacao, and San Marino. Who could ask for more?

The Winnipeasukee Scenic in the Lakeport yard

I've been working on the railroad for 10 years, but have only operated from the caboose
once before. There was one train today running at 1:00 pm. My friend Tim W3ATB was
the conductor. So I decided to take the opportunity.

I set up an Outbacker antenna on a grab rail of the caboose and ran some coax through
a back window to a table inside. I set the Outbacker to 15 meters and tuned up the KX3.
Right away, I worked DL65DARC in Germany. A few minutes later I worked HA7ITU
in Hungary. Signals were strong, and I received good reports, so I knew we'd have a
successful trip.

As the train headed out of the yard and along Lake Winnipesaukee, I answered nearly
a dozen DX calls on 15 meters. The train left early at about 12:30 pm. My first contact
from the moving train was with Tony T77C in San Marino, Italy. Then I worked DL1BUG,
Red in Germany. Red wanted to know my power and antenna when I told him I was operating
from a moving train.

There's no missing the smile on my face as I worked Rune, SM5COP in Stockholm, Sweden. Here's
my log for the trip:

28 Oct-15 1533  21.024 DL65DARC  CW 599 599 Germany   
28 Oct-15 1534  21.011 HA7ITU    CW 599 599 Hungary   
28 Oct-15 1610  21.015 DL2DX     CW 569 599 Germany   
28 Oct-15 1631  21.021 T77C      CW 599 599 San Marino   
28 Oct-15 1633  21.027 DL1BUG    CW 579 599 Berlin   
28 Oct-15 1638  21.028 SM5COP    CW 569 599 Stockholm   
28 Oct-15 1648  21.028 PJ2/W4VAB CW 599 599 Curacao   
28 Oct-15 1650  21.032 K5WE      CW 599 599 OK   
28 Oct-15 1654  21.026 DF3VM     CW 579 599 Germany   
28 Oct-15 1701  21.033 OK1FPS    CW 579 599 Czech Rep   
28 Oct-15 1712  21.030 LZ1WR     CW 599 599 Bulgaria   

Mike DF3VM was also curious about my antenna and power when I told him I was operating
from a train. "UR doing a great job," Mike sent. "Enjoy the ride on the train."

You can bet I did... what a thrill to work across the big Pond from the edge of the little pond!
Thanks all for the QSOs.

Tim... W3ATB has made a beautiful video of the operation. Hope you enjoy it: