December Walk Along the Pemigewasset
December 2015

What a remarkable day! It's sunny and 48F. Judy and I took a walk
along the Pemigewasset River. I worked St. Lucia, Wisconsin and

We walked north about a mile and stopped at a bend in the river where the
sun bathes the old dirt road in sunlight. Even with a slight breeze it was
60F in the sun. I tossed my line over a low branch on a huge pine tree and
sat down at the edge of the road with the KX3.

I started out on 17M and heard J6/K4ZGB in St. Lucia working stations.
We had a quick exchange and I tuned up the band. W9MSE/M called
CQ and I answered. Jeff in Wisconsin said he was moving to 15M.
So after the QSO, I went there too. Sure enough, there he was calling
CQ. So I worked him again... 2 bands.

Back to 17 meters, I heard Bert F6HKA finishing up a QSO. He was using a straight key and
was calling for SKCC stations. He gave me a 549 and I told him I was using paddles. Bert switched
to paddles and told me he was running 200 watts and a beam. Nice signal. He asked about my power
and congratulated me on the QRP signal.

I packed up and we walked back basking in the warmth of the day. It can't last forever.