DX from the Winnipesaukee River
March 2015

It's still not spring, but today was 42F and sunny. I hiked along the Winnipesaukee
River on the old railroad route. I found a little warm place without snow and worked
Algeria, Barbados, the Canary Islands and Croatia.

There is mud in spots, so I just moved off the trail a bit onto higher ground.
The trail goes through beautiful fields and farmland.

The Winnipesaukee River flows out of Lake Winnipesaukee into the Merrimack River in
Franklin. The river runs alongside much of the trail.

There's still nearly a foot of snow in many places, but where there's a southern
exposure, the sun has done its job. A major sewer line also runs along the
trail beneath the ground. I found a large manhole cover about a mile and a half
to the east. It was a perfect place to set up the radio gear.

I tossed a 33 foot wire over a nearby maple tree and set up the KX3 on the
concrete sewer access. I was a bit nervous that my signal would go down
the drain...

Instead of using the 9:1 unun, I used a BNC to binding post connector and
hooked up the wire directly to the rig. I ran a 17 foot piece of wire on the
ground side for a counterpoise.

I started out on 20 meters. The bands weren't great, but I managed to make some
contacts. I heard 9A7R in Croatia calling CQ.  I don't think I was very strong into
Europe, but was able to complete the exchange. Here's my log:

31 Mar-15 1908  14.027 9A7R       CW 599 599 Croatia 
31 Mar-15 1910  14.010 EA8TL      CW 599 599 Canary Isl 
31 Mar-15 1919  18.071 8P6DR      CW 599 599 Barbados 
31 Mar-15 1922  18.079 PJ2/VE7ACN CW 599 599 Curacao  
31 Mar-15 1927  14.029 7X4AN      CW 559 599 Algeria 

Midway through I switched to 17 meters and worked Barbados and
Curacao before switching back to 20 meters. I was about to quit when
I heard Med, 7X4AN in Algeria calling CQ. He gave me a 559. What
a treat to work him from the field!

With that, I packed up and headed back to the road and the car. Even though
it's a bit early to get out, it was nearly 60F in the sun and plenty warm enough
to be comfortable. Anyway... spring or no... I can't wait forever to begin another
season of radio adventures.