April Bike Ride to the Pemi
April 2016

It was another beautiful day. I rode my bike down to the Pemigewasset River.
I set up the KX3 and worked Wallis Island... this is a remote island in the
South Pacific between Fiji and Samoa. I was amazed when I got home and
found out!

It was over 50F today and I rode along the river for more than a mile.
I tossed a 29 foot wire over the branch of a giant pine and sat on the
ground. I started on 20 meters. The strongest station there was FW5JJ.
I called him and he answered. We did a quick 599 exchange and I jotted
the info in my notebook. I didn't know where FW5 is but didn't think it
was rare, because there was no pileup. Boy... was I surprised when I looked it up.

I made two more contacts in the next few minutes. First was Roberto IZ5BXK
in Italy. He gave me a 559 and signed. Then I worked WD0BC/M in Missouri.
Bill also gave me a 559. I packed up the gear and rode back to the car. Spring is
here for real now and it's fantastic to be out again.