Summer Bike Ride to the River
August 2016

I took a quick bike ride to the Pemigewasset River this afternoon
and worked 3 stations on 20 meters. Band conditions were pretty
awful, but the day was gorgeous.

I rode about a mile and a half to the old bridge that used to go across to Hill.
There's nothing left but the concrete abutments. I set up under a beautiful
maple tree in the grass by the river. I used the KX3 and a 30 foot wire
straight up to a branch.

I started out on 14.060 and heard John KL2AX/5 in Texas calling CQ. He was light, but we made
the exchange. He gave me a 229, but got my name, QTH and his RST.  I tuned down a bit and called
CQ. KB4KUO, Warren in Florida answered. He gave me a 419. He was 559. Still... we both copied
the full exchange. Next, I heard KI4TS, Bob also in Florida, calling CQ. He was 579 and gave me a
559. There was some fading, but a pretty long chat.

After the three contacts, I packed up and rode back along the river to the car.
All the way, I was thinking how lucky I am to have such beautiful places
to walk, ride and operate.