Old Hill in August
August 2016

Judy and I rode our bikes to Old Hill Village along the Pemigewasset River.  It was a gorgeous day.
Almost 80F. I worked Quebec, France and West Virginia.

We started out at Needle Shop Brook and rode south about 3 miles. I stopped in the shade under
a huge pine tree and set up the KX3. I used a 29 foot wire to a 9:1 unun. The bands were really
awful, but I made a few contacts anyway.

I tuned across 20 meters, but didn't hear much, so I went to 40. There I heard
Pierre, VE2PID in Quebec calling CQ. We exchanged 579s. He was running
5W to a folded dipole. Pierre and I have worked dozens of times. We're sort of
cross-border cousins having the same suffix in our calls.

I went back to 20 meters and made a quick contact with France. F5NTV
gave me a 559 and he was 579. Then I switched again to 40. Bob, K8NY in
West Virginia was calling CQ. He had a very strong signal. Fortunately, he
could copy me well enough to have a nice chat. He was 599 and gave me a

I packed up and we rode our bikes back along the river to Needle Shop Brook
where Judy snapped a photo of me with the brook in the background. While
we were there, a bobwhite started calling nearby. Suddenly, he crossed the
road at the end of the bridge and went into the field. It was a fantastic afternoon.