DX and Blazing Fall Color
October 2016

I hiked across Shute Hill this afternoon to David Swain's Farm. The colors were stunning. I worked
Bulgaria, the Cayman Islands, St. George Island, Aland Island, and Italy.

I started out at the old cemetery off the Rufus Colby Road and hiked south along a snowmobile
trail. Along the way I took a snap shot of some of the trees.

It stayed in the 50s today, but was warm in the sun. I hiked about two and a half miles to the old
range road and then into Swain's field. I tossed my antenna wire into a gold maple and sat down
in the grass with the KX3. Here's a photo of the tree.

I operated on both 20 meters and 17 meters. Here's my log:

11 Oct-16 1755  14.010 LZ3QE  CW 559 589 Bulgaria 
11 Oct-16 1758  18.072 ZF1DX  CW 599 599 Cayman Islands  
11 Oct-16 1800  18.074 K4G    CW 599 599 St. George Island  
11 Oct-16 1801  14.020 LZ1DS  CW 449 599 Bulgaria 
11 Oct-16 1806  14.027 IZ2QXG CW 559 579 Italy 
11 Oct-16 1810  14.024 OH0Z   CW 599 599 Aland Island 

The color is a few days away from peak. But we may not get another brilliant
day like today. I'm glad I got out.